Frequently Asked Questions

 Mount Zion’s vision statement
summarizes what we are all about. "Mt. Zion is a vibrant church that is reaching the world for Christ through evangelism, discipleship, fellowship and mission.”

Mount Zion believes and teaches the entire Bible as the true Word of God.

Mt. Zion was established in 1865.

Everyone is welcome at Mount Zion. The evidence is seen in the diversity of our membership, which includes a balanced representation of people in every age group and walk of life.

Mount Zion gives back to its community! A visit to our ministries link will provide an overview of the ministries that demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of the people in our community, and those within the fellowship of the church. For example, we have a prison ministry, housing ministry, soup kitchen ministry, youth mentoring ministry, after school tutorial ministry that focuses on developing basic skills and SAT preparation, Boy Scout ministry, Girl Scout ministry, Mt. Zion CRC (Community Reinvestment Corporation) a 501c Corporation through which we provide an array of social services, benevolent ministry-that provides financial assistance to individuals and families in need, and contributes to community organizations that provide outreach services and scholarship program that assists young people with college expenses, and much, much more. Again, visit the ministries link to get a complete picture of our mission activities.

 Mount Zion is affiliated with
the Fowltown Missionary Baptist Association, the Fellowship Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc., and the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

 Mount Zion is expanding its facility
in order to accommodate what God is doing to and through our ministries.

Mount Zion’s stability as a church body is strong and grounded. We have had two pastors in the last 59 years and have not experienced a "split" in more than 60 years. Moreover, we are morally and financially sound.

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