Active Ministries


Music Ministries

Cherub Choir
Yvonne Sherman
The E. James Grant Cherub Choir renders special music during the 10:15 a.m. services every second Sunday.  The Choir is comprised of young children ranging in ages from 4 to 8.  The Leadership of the choir consists of a Director and Parental volunteers.

The Voices of Zion
Reverend Brian Jones and Rutha Harris
The Voices of Zion renders song selections to both inspire and uplift the worshippers at Mt. Zion on 2nd Sundays.  This ministry is designed to enhance the worship experience by glorifying God and by edifying the body of Christ through Praise and Worship.  

Mass Choir
T. Marshall Jones

The Mass Choir renders song selections on special occasions at Mt. Zion during the worship service.  This ministry is a combination of all music ministry components and is open to all members of Mt. Zion.  The gospel style of music is arranged by the Musician/Pianists and Director to songs of praise, worship, hymns and anthems.


Fellowship Choir
Reverend Alonzo Maddox

The Fellowship Choir is comprised of the young adult population of Mt. Zion.  This ministry has a contemporary sound and sings on 4th Sundays at Mt. Zion.  

Male Chorus
Alonzo Maddox
The Male Chorus exist for the purpose of singing praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ; to minister and inspire the congregation through songs of Zion and to complement the Pastor’s message at all regular services.  Additionally, the ministry renders music outside of the church, per the request of the Pastor and other agencies as deemed appropriate.  This ministry also embraces the Church’s Mission of “Reaching the World for Christ through Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship and Mission.”  This ministry sings 3rd Sundays at 8:00a.m.

Praise Team
Patricia King
 The Mount Zion Praise Team ministry facilitates worship each week.  It is comprised of a small group of servant-leaders who create an atmosphere to usher the congregation into the presence of the Lord with exciting Praise & Worship.  Our hearts desire is to worship him in sprit and in truth. We are reaching the world through Christ with singing!  

Sanctuary Choir
T. Marshall Jones
The Senior Choir of Mt. Zion Baptist Church is designed to effectively minister to God’s people through the medium of religious music and to win souls to Christ through songs.  The Senior Choir renders various types of songs to include Gospel, Anthems, Hymns and Negro Spirituals while supporting the ministry and vision of our Pastor.

Youth Choir
Reverend Brian Jones
 The Youth Choir’s mission is to teach our children about giving individual and collective praise to God through song. The Youth Choir is designed to promote high self-esteem by encouraging individual participation and leadership skills.

Youth Praise Team
Charles King, Jr.
The Youth Praise Team consist of high school age youth who lead praise and worship on 3rd Sundays.  This ministry helps to train the youth to lead worship and use their God-given talents to bless the congregation.


Youth Ministries

Youth Ministry
Reverend Brian Jones
 This ministry actively participates in the total development of church youth by mainstreaming them into each weekly worship service as leaders of ‘Responsive Readings’ and develops an awareness of various youth auxiliaries in the church.  This ministry produces an annual youth celebration during the month of February, Black History Month Observance, set aside to increase the awareness of the contributions of African Americans, past, present and future.  Additionally, students graduating from secondary and post secondary institutions are recognized for their achievement and scholarship at the end of each academic school year.  Other youth auxiliaries are:  Boy Scouts, Boys to Men, C.A.P.S. – afternoon tutorial; Cherub Choir, Children’s Church, Cub Scouts, Daughters of Zion (D.O.Z), Junior Mission, Pantomime Team (Youth), Youth Bible Study, Youth Choir, Youth Ushers, Youth Observance Ministry, Youth Athletics, Youth Academy, Zion Informer (Youth Section). 

Boys to Men
Donald Gray
 This ministry under the leadership of adult men of the church, provides biblical, cultural and leadership  training for  young men of Mt. Zion arid the community to increase their spiritual survival and manhood skills. This outreach meets on the second and fourth Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.  Breakfast and sports activities are included.

 (Claiming Academic Power and Success)
Elaine Williams and Reverend Brian Jones
 Because of the growing need for preparation for each new grade level in our school systems, we have implemented an afternoon tutorial program for students here and throughout the community.  The main objectives of this ministry are to 1) help students to prepare for Standardized Tests, 2) provide extra help with homework assignments in areas of low performance, and 3) give spiritual support to ensure success in their school environments.  The acronym C.A.P.S. stands for “Claiming Academic Power and Success.”  The tutorial takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.  Students in grades K to 12 are welcome to sign up.

C.A.P.S. Youth Academy for Boys
Elaine Williams
The Mt. Zion Youth Academy is primarily a summer enrichment program that extends throughout the school year for boys between the ages of 9 and 14.  For six weeks during the months of June and July, this program uses academic study, leadership training, character building, recreation, and community awareness to help shape the minds and abilities of young boys to prepare them for the world. 

Children’s Church
Alegra Jenkins

Children’s Church provides children between the ages of 6-11 an opportunity to spark a fire of passion for Christ in their hearts, experience meaningful worship, and prepare them to honor god throughout their early life.  This ministry is held every Sunday in the nurser from 10:00 a.m. to 11 a.m. during the general worship hour.

Cradle Roll Ministry
Rev. Lula Harper
 The MZ Cradle Roll Ministry (New Generations I and II) is a community outreach ministry for parents (both single and married) who are expecting and/or have children from newborn up to 4 years of age. The ministry goals include providing counseling to parents on their parenting responsibilities, and assisting parents with establishing daily worship/prayer time in their homes. Reverend Lula Harper is the director of this ministry.


Daughter’s of Zion
Kerrie Davis, Mary Dunnum

This ministry exists to empower young ladies to become women of excellence through development of their God given talents and skills.  They meet on 3rd Saturdays at 8:30 a.m.  during the school year.  In this effort the deaconess ministry and other women of Mt. Zion come together to mentor and educate young girls from the fall season to the spring season.  This ministry is open to girls from grades 3 to 5.


Recognition of Visitors
Reverend Brian Jones
This ministry uses our youth of Mt. Zion between the ages of 16-21 to welcome all visitors during the worship hour on Sundays through formal public acknowledgments with creative speech and godly exhortations.


Junior Mission
Alegra Jenkins
The purpose of the Junior Mission is to train the young ladies of Mt. Zion in the Word of God and serve as an evangelistic and missionary tool of the youth ministry.  Activities include attending the first District Union meeting, participating in General Missionary Day in November and the Annual Candle lighting Service the 2nd Sunday in May, and serve as hostesses during Church Anniversary.  Future plans include visiting nursing homes and those members of Mt. Zion who are sick and shut-in.  The Junior Mission meets on the 3rd Saturday of each month.  The membership consists of young ladies from ages 9-18.



The nursery is a ministry that provides child care for infants and toddlers on Sunday morning during the 10 a.m. worship hour.  The nursery is located on the north end of the church. This service is provided by the General Missionary Society of Mt. Zion.


Cub - Shelby Pouncil
Boy Scout - Carvin Davis
Girl Scouts - Gordina Porter
Our scouting programs function in accordance with the national organizations, respectfully.  These programs offer young girls and boys the opportunity to develop a wealth of skills from life and survival to health and medical to family and character to leadership and work ethics and on and on.  The Boy Scouts meet 1st and 3rd Saturday from 11:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.; the Cub Scouts meet on Mondays at 6 p.m.(meetings start the second Monday in September and end the second Saturday in May); the Girl Scouts meet on 2nd Saturday from 10:00 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Scholarship Committee
Francis Davis
 At the end of each school year, we award a few high school graduates with scholarships on  from Mt. Zion.  Scholarship recipients are chosen based on criteria set by the committee and are presented their scholarships on Graduate Recognition Day.


Student Recognition & Achievement
Report Card Incentives - Pastor Brian Jones
Graduate Recognition Ceremony  - Pastor Brian Jones

This ministry is designed to recognize and reward students for their academic and extra-curricular achievements.  Students are rewarded after each term that report cards are given out. Graduate Recognition is held for all high school, college, and post-baccalaureate graduates in which each graduate is recognized during the 10:15a.m. worship hour during the month of May and December are presented with a special gift.


Summer Enrichment Program
Angela Shumate
This program is held for six weeks spanning the months of Junes and July that helps young people of all ages maintain academic continuity while school is out.  Various subjects are reviewed including reading, math, writing, biblical training and the like.  Students are served breakfast and lunch and have exposure to peer fellowship and exciting extra-curricular activities.



Ellia Howard
The Sunbeam is an auxiliary of the Missionary Youth Department.  This group is the youngest in the Missionary Department.  The objectives are 1) to provide training for the 4-9 year olds, 2) to teach the children missions and to prepare them to improve the missionary work for adult life.  The Sunbeam participates in all Union Meetings, Association Gatherings, Mission Day Programs and caroling at nursing homes.  This ministry meets on 2nd Saturdays at 10:0 a.m.


Sunday School
Hannah Miller
What would a church be without Sunday School?  We believe in educating God’s young people about God’s Word.  This is why Sunday School has been a consistent discipling program for countless years.  Sunday School meets every Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. with classes for different age groups of young people.


Youth Basketball

Anthony Kelly
The purpose of youth basketball is to bring boys and girls between the ages of 10 and 18 into fellowship with God and other Mt. Zion youths through basketball.  Youths will be given the opportunity to develop their leadership, team building, and basketball skills.


Youth Bank of Zion
Clift Felton, Colevia Williams
The Youth Bank of Zion at Mt. Zion Baptist Church is the fruition of a vision given to Pastor Simmons.  He felt that opening a bank would be beneficial to our youth and young adults by teaching them at an early age that a wise steward invests what God gives, teaching them to master their money rather than be a slave to it, and equipping them with knowledge, which is a vital principle for financial security in future years.  Through this ministry, youth will be able to get experience as bank executives and representatives as well as establish and maintain financial accounts with the help of SB&T.  The bank is open every Sunday immediately following the 10 a.m. worship hour.


Youth Bible Study
Pastor Brian Jones
The youth bible study is one of the discipleship components of the youth ministry that utilizes education of the scriptures for life and growth in the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ.  There are four different classes according to age: 2-6, 7-9, 10-13, and 14-18.  Youth bible study is held every Wednesday at 6 p.m.


Youth Observance Ministry
Moments in History Observance - Janice Wilson
 Youth Day Celebration - Pastor Brian Jones
This ministry is made up of three major youth programs together under one heading.  It includes the Moments in History Observance, Graduate Recognition, and Youth Day Celebration.  There is a team of adults who incorporate the participation of the youth of Mt. Zion for each of these efforts.  The Moments in History Observance is held on Sundays at the 10 a.m. worship hour starting the month of February and beyond.    The Youth Day Celebration is held the 2nd Sunday in June each year.  During this program, the young people lead the worship hour, various youth auxiliaries are on display and awards are given for participation.


Youth Praise Dancers

Karen McWhite
The mission of the Mt. Zion Pantomime team is to minister to the youth, adults, and visitors of Mt. Zion as well as the community through liturgical dance and sign language.  Because of the belief that there are many ways to praise God, the team uses interpretive movements to provide a visual worship experience to show others that praise can and should involve the whole body.  The team is open to all ages PK4 through 18. To sign-up send us an email at or contact Ms. Karen McWhite.


Youth Ushers

Remika Christian, Lakila Smith, Demetrice Franklin
The Youth Ushers are comprised of a group of young people in Mt. Zion who serve the congregation in Sunday morning worship.  Youths are trained to greet and seat members and visitors of Mt. Zion, receive offerings, monitor exits and assist with any ministerial needs that arise.  The youth ushers embody the true spirit of Christ’s statement of us becoming servants of all, thus becoming great in the kingdom of God.  The youth ushers meet on the Saturday before the 2nd Sunday of the month at 10:15 a.m. for training and perform their duties on 2nd and 5th Sundays.  This ministry is open to ages 6-18.


Vacation Bible School
Hannah Miller
Vacation Bible School is a week long program at the beginning of summer for all young people during the day.  Students are taught in the word according to a particular theme for the week.  At the end of the week the students put on a final program displaying what they learned.




Prayer Ministries

Bible Study (Wednesday Nights)
Pastor Daniel Simmons
This ministry aids students in developing an understanding of and an appreciation for God’s word. Therefore, the purpose of weekly Bible Study is to equip the Christian Family to do God’s work, to apply God’s Word to daily living, and to encourage our young and adult members to study God’s Word. Bible Study classes are held each Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary, and taught by the Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Evangelist or designated minister.  A Prayer Service is included in the hour and a half time frame (6:00 – 7:30 p.m.)

Prayer Ministry
Rebecca Bronner and Brenda Phinazee
Mt. Zion is a praying church with special prayer warriors who gather at the church every Sunday morning to have intercessory prayer – praying incessantly for the church, individuals, the community and the world.  On Tuesdays at noon time the ladies only gather to pray and on Thursdays at noon time men only gather to pray.  Tuesday and Thursday noon day prayer is opened to all who wish to be prayed for or want to pray.

Nurture for Baptist
Jesse Peters
 This ministry is designed to develop a theologically and academically literate Christian capable of leading and demonstrating their training in their lives as well as in positions within the church. This program carries Christian Education beyond the Sunday School regarding  what  Baptist  should  know  about  the  Bible  and  how  it  applies  to every Christian’s life.  Classes are held each Sunday at 5:00 p.m. in the sanctuary.

Adult Praise Dancers
D'Erika Quimbley, Tamara Wilson
The Adult Praise Pantomime Group under the leadership of Mrs. Barbara Williams was organized by her in 2005. Mrs. Williams and a group of young ladies perform during church services displaying unique interpretations of religious songs in the form of pantomiming. These young ladies are committed to worshiping, serving and praising God in their performances.

Prison Outreach
Wade Pouncil
The Prison Ministry’s goals and objectives are to bring prisoners to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and provide hope and encouragement by sharing the Word of God.  The Prison Ministry visits the Lee County Correctional Institute on a quarterly basis.




Leadership Ministries
Albert Simmons and Willie Jones
This ministry offers men of the church the opportunity to enhance their relationship to God through fellowship,  Bible Study, Intercessory Prayer, and Service. The primary mission is to minister to identified needs of  the Church Family and Community and to provide support for short-term mission projects such as: surveying, visitation and providing disaster relief at home and in other communities. The Brotherhood Ministry meets each first Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

Willie Jones and Jacob Grier
The Deacons Ministry consists of strong men, filled with the Holy Spirit, leading the way to promote spiritual unity, spiritual growth, spiritual nurturing within the Mt. Zion Baptist Church Family.   This will be done by assisting the Pastor with the planning and implementation of the ministry model, and methodology for the congregation.

Mary Dunnum

New Member Acceptance
Wilbur and Hyacinth Wright
This ministry receives new members to become part of the church family by welcoming them, collecting necessary data for church records, and providing directions for their orientation.

New Member Orientation
Ira Thompson and Minister Fonda Thompson and Sara Benson
This ministry provides a four week course of instruction taken from the Bible, Church Doctrine and Church Ordinances to aid the new members in learning whom they are in Christ, where they are in Christ, what we believe as a Christian Church, and the work that awaits a believer in Christ Jesus.  Participants have an opportunity to learn about all active ministries of the church as well as the history of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church of Albany.

Pastor’s Aid Ministry
Charles King, Sr.
The Pastor’s Aid Ministry supports the Pastor and his family with requested special projects in the church, i.e., The Aluminum Can Project of the local Habitat for Humanities Organization, various benevolent acts of kindness, encouragement, and prayers.  This ministry also gives special recognition to the Pastor and his family on Birthdays, Family and Church anniversaries, Christmas and other special occasions as voted by the membership.

Usher Ministry, Senior
Sarah Harris and Grady Thompson
This ministry consists of both men and women with a desire to be doorkeepers for Christ and serves to insure that the Pastor and congregation are comfortable during worship services.  Meetings are held in the Fellowship Hall on each Friday before the first Sunday at 7:00 p.m.


Volunteer Programs

Willing Workers
Gloria Peters
This ministry acts in a capacity of service and support to the church and pastor and participates in a similar role as that of the General Missionary Society by witnessing to others to win souls for Christ and helping those in need.

Culinary Ministry
Aaron Kelly
The Culinary Ministry serves the needs of the church family both in food preparation and fellowship  and supervises all activities held in the Family Center.

Frederick Quimbley, Benjamin Jones, Albert Simmons and Johnny Williams
 The Buildings and Grounds Ministry’s responsibility consists of the maintenance and repair of buildings, grounds and equipment: including supplies, and custodial supervision.  The Buildings and Grounds Ministry is about people whose ministries include the stewardship of sacred spaces so that our grounds and facilities can best serve and support the mission statement of the church and provide a clean, attractive, welcoming, and safe environment for worship, study, fellowship, and outreach to others.

Floral Club
Kimberly Johnson
This ministry provides beautification to the sanctuary and its grounds. Its goal is to enhance the beauty of the Church by providing seasonally appropriate decorations to the sanctuary and foyer. While overseeing the maintenance and floral appropriateness of the Church grounds.

Job Ministry
Steve A. Grant and Monica W. Carroll
 STAR JOB MINISTRY OF MT. ZION - We are excited to share in our pastor’s vision of the establishment of the STAR Job Ministry of Mt. Zion (Seeking Those Acquiring Reemployment).  This ministry is yield to first acknowledge that God is “The Source” of all resources.  We pray that through this ministry that we are able to extend our support and comfort to all that are in this transition from one chapter of their lives to the new one opening ahead.  We all have experienced setbacks and dreams deferred, but it is the strength of faith that we show in the face of these disappointments that inform our relationship with the Lord.   This ministry is geared to benefit those who are looking for employment and those who need to enhance their knowledge as to what employers are looking for in an employee. We, the members of the STAR Job Ministry of Mt. Zion will help those who are in need of support and have a desire to walk with God. And rest assured knowing that with Him, you are never alone.

Nurses Guild
Catherine Thomas and Patricia Hunter
The Nurses Guild is a group of members trained to provide medical and non-medical Nursing Services during church functions.  They emphasize the relation between Religion and Health by providing appropriate information about prevention and treatment of illness and disease, childcare, etc.  Nurses are on duty at all church functions to provide First Aid for injuries or sudden illnesses and to give support to family members during emergencies.

Soup Kitchen
Tiny Wright
The Soup Kitchen is a weekly ministry on Thursday’s from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., organized to feed the homeless, sick, shut-in, and the needy from September to May annually.  Food is prepared for walk-ins and delivered to the homebound during this period.

Samaritan Clinic
Nedra Fortson
 Samaritan Clinic is a freestanding, safety net clinic for uninsured and underinsured persons in Southwest Georgia. The mission of Samaritan Clinic is to provide evidence based, quality, safe, and effective healthcare services to persons at 200% or below the federal poverty guideline. We accomplish this with volunteer physicians, nurses, clerical staff, and support personnel.  Established in 2008 through the visionary leadership of Pastor Daniel Simmons of Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Pastor Theodus Drake of Second Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Samaritan Clinic has served over 1500 persons in the community since its inception. Samaritan Clinic is a subsidiary of the Mt. Zion Community Reinvestment Corporation in collaboration with Zion Outreach Ministries, both 501c3 corporations.

Security Ministry
Eddie Swan
 The purpose of the Security Ministry is “To serve God in all we do by being humble Christian servants to all who enter into this house.  We will praise our Lord’s name and His works.  To God be the Glory.

Media Ministry
Stanley Davis

Zion Informer

 This ministry publishes the Monthly News Bulletin of Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church which covers an editorial column by the Pastor, news and announcements about ministries, auxiliaries, members, health, civic, education, special projects, youth activities and a calendar of events.



Interactive Ministries

Family Group
Albert Simmons and Roy Tommy Rucker
 The purpose of the Family Group Ministry (FGM) is to build unique authentic brother and sister relationships through small group (family-like) interactions based upon the Church Vision, “To Reach the World for Christ through Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship, and Missions.”  The FGM does not replace other ministries, but encourages members to be involved in other church programs and ministries. The Family Group Ministry is resourceful to members in clarifying church doctrines, traditions and activities. The members help each other to solve various personal and spiritual problems, especially those pertaining to church activities and individual spiritual growth.

Leisure Plus
Lula Stokes
This ministry is designed to provide wholesome recreational and thoughtful activities to help relieve the stress and pressure of everyday life.  Meetings are held on the Third (3rd) Thursday of each month, on-site or off-site and are open to members or guests.

Marriage Ministry
Tony and Dorothy Jones
 The Marriage Ministry is designed to help couples engage in activities that promote the unit of marriage and provide the opportunity for Christian fellowship.  It provides support to other married couples through bonding  experiences of love, honor, friendship, and Christian commitment.

Singles Ministry
Diane Wilson, Sonya Bryant and Rutha Harris
 The purpose of the Singles’ Ministry is to provide a spiritual, fun-filled and healthy setting for singles while reaching the world for Christ through Evangelism, Discipleship, Fellowship and Mission.  To serve God; to seek God’s guidance; to seek those in need of spiritual fulfillment; to help develop healthy minds, healthy bodies and healthy souls through Bible Study, Church School and other related classes; to support the Pastor and his vision and to develop a prayerful relationship with all singles within the church.

Senior Adult Care Ministry
 The purpose of the Senior Adult Care Ministry is to minister to the relational needs of our Mt. Zion members that are 60 plus.  These needs will be addressed in many ways including; prayer and worship activities, meetings, events, trips, programs, and other areas where the Senior Adult Ministry leaders can be of assistance.



General Missionary Ministries

Circle 1

Eloise Kelley 

Supports the General Missionary Society through visits to the sick and shut-in, providing desserts for the Soup Kitchen on special days, assisting with church programs, etc., and meet on Monday ayer the second Sunday in each month at 5:00 p.m. to discuss weekly mission lessons and to fellowship with members.

Circle 2
Janice Newberry
This Circle of missionary workers diligently work to promote the activities of the General Missionary Society and the Church by seeking to bring the lost to a knowledge of Christ through outreach witnessing and providing Bibles for new converts.  Additionally, this group provides needy families, sick and shut-ins, boys and girls, and senior citizens with needed household and personal items, visitation and study.  It is also responsible for the “First Care” room of the church, and for placing inspirational displays/reading material in the church and lobby.

Circle 3
Barbara Carroll
 This Circle of missionary workers provides a means of Christian growth to the Mt. Zion Baptist Church membership through inspirational and cultural enrichment. The Circle assists the General Missionary Society with the implementation of its goals and outreach programs.  Specific activities include oversight of the Church Library, special programs for youth in the chosen Youth Department centers, and addressing the needs of adopted families in the community.

Circle 4
Trashundra Wells Peters
This Circle of missionary workers provides support to the church and the General Missionary Society and helps in achieving the goals by providing personal care items and visitation for the sick and shut-in, witnessing and outreach, special occasion and birthday gifts for the Pastor, etc.  Additionally, the Circle provides needed personal care items and Christmas fellowship with Pines Personal Care Home, and Bible Study with any of our sick and shut-ins.  Mission Study and Meetings are held each month on the 2nd Saturday at 10:00 a.m.

Circle 5
Carolyn Smith
This Circle of missionary workers visits the sick and shut-ins.  Additionally, this missionary group supports the First District Union Meeting, The Fowl Town (Fowltown) Association, and all missionary functions.  In addition, Circle #5 supports and maintains the Church Nursery during worship services.  Mission Meetings are held on each Saturday before the second Sunday in each month at 1:00 p.m.

General Missionary, Junior Mission
Kimberly Thompson and Hannah Miller
This ministry teaches the Youth how to serve humanity and witness for Christ, while developing Christian leadership skills.  They are assigned specific duties during Church and Association meetings, they visit the sick and shut-in, participates in special retreats, and supports the overall objective of the General Missionary Society.

Ellia Howard
This ministry is made up of Youth from ages five (5) to nine (9) years of age and is under the supervision of the General Missionary Society.  Its purpose is to plant the missionary spirit in the heart of the child by bringing spiritual needs before them early and to teach the child to Love and serve the Creator.



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